Find High Quality Whiskey Barrel Furniture


Whiskey Barrel ChairIf you thought that aged whiskey barrels are just made to hold whiskey, then you were wrong. Skilled craftsman use them to create unique whiskey barrel furniture that isn’t just of superior quality, but comfortable and long lasting as well. Here are the top benefits of getting this amazing furniture.

Handcrafted for superior quality

We have gotten so used to all the “made in China” merchandize that we have forgotten that our ancestors used to create everything with their own hands. And while you still get to buy handcrafted objects and accessories these days, they tend to cost a load of money. Fortunately, some ingenious craftsmen have thought of using the staves of whiskey barrels to create unique furniture pieces. You get ottomans, chairs and tables which have been polished, sanded and carefully assembled by experts to create not only comfortable furniture, but works of art as well. You get high quality furniture that looks like no other while paying a lot less than you would on some fancy collectables.

Furniture made to last

These furniture pieces aren’t just beautiful, but they are built to last. Each and every chair or ottoman is built with oak staves that were designed to hold to hard pressure in stressful conditions. In addition to benefiting from the natural strength and flexibility of oaken wood, the whiskey barrel furniture is also assembled using heavy duty stainless steel hardware which enables them to last for decades even in case of heavy use. The individual staves are charred and blackened to provide them with that timeless look as well as to make them more resistant to damaging factors such as rot and mold. More than that, the staves are sanded lightly so that any dust or grime is easily removed with even a moist hand cloth.

Increased comfort

Regardless of how good furniture looks or how long it can last, it is worthless if it isn’t comfortable. In the case of barrel furniture, each stave is bent at just the right angle in order to create ergonomic shapes which allow the body to sit in natural positions and provide superior comfort even after extended use.

An environmental-friendly choice

Another great thing about this furniture is that it is made from recycled whiskey barrels. Rather than having the barrels ending in landfills or being used as firewood, they can survive the ages and provide people with the comfort they need in the warmth of their homes. Not only are these unique pieces of furniture making use of barrels that would have otherwise been thrown away, but they are also saving live trees from being cut, thus keeping our forests rich and able to provide us with the fresh oxygen we breathe every day.

So if you want high quality furniture that looks amazing, is comfortable and can also last for decades without the usual wear, then this is just what you need. Order your whiskey barrel furniture and enjoy environmentally-friendly comfort built to last!