Finding Happiness Through CBT In San Diego

CBT Thought FlowIf you are suffering from depression, anxiety or are struggling with addiction, then you should learn about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and how it could help you overcome these problems. Here are the reasons why CBT may work best for you as well as why you should hire a therapist to help you get back on track.

What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that puts emphasis on treating problems that are often not controllable by rational thought. Through CBT, San Diego therapists use a combined behavioral and cognitive approach to helping people acknowledge their emotional problems as well as relate them to the behavior. It is the core principle of cognitive behavioral therapy that our behavior influences our feelings, and our feelings then start to affect how we react – or our behavior. It is this triangle of behavior, feelings and thoughts that therapist are trying to help you understand and control in order to regain your bearings and start living a normal life again.

Getting rid of irrational thoughts

With CBT, therapists will help you gain the skills you need to overcome depression, anxiety or substance abuse. While most people suffer from mild depression from time to time due to unfortunate events and problems in life, experiencing these all the time can point to a problem that has a cognitive underling problem. Therapists are to help you understand that it is irrational thoughts that are causing you to fall into this downward spiral, and it is their goal to teach you to help yourself in getting better and not just feeling better. You can learn to control your emotions and your negative thoughts and improve them. With positive attitude and fewer negative thoughts, you get to correct the behavioral problems that keep resulting in you experiencing bad thoughts and feeling bad again.

Preventing the chance of relapse

It is precisely because CBT aims to help you help yourself that this form of therapy is so effective. Just like the ancient Chinese proverb says, it is better to teach a hungry man to fish rather than just offering him the fish. The same goes with CBT – you learn the skills necessary to improve and you keep on practicing them even long after you have finished treatment. This way, the chances of suffering a relapse are minimized since you are less likely to have reoccurring depression and anxiety episodes with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Benefiting from an effective treatment

The best part about CBT is that you don’t have to get stuffed with medication that only works short-term. It has been proven that CBT is as effective as medication, only it works in the long term, since you retain the ability to control your thoughts and behavioral patterns. This, coupled with the fact that CBT usually takes 16 sessions on average, makes it one of the most effective treatment options. Get the best CBT San Diego therapists have to offer and get better so that you can rebuild your life!

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