When It Is Time To Hire A Professional SEO To Rank Your Website?


top ranking with SEOSEO is the most powerful marketing tool available in this day and age. If you are running a business website and haven’t even thought of SEO yet, then you really need to hire a professional to develop a good strategy for you. And, to answer the question, the right time for it is ASAP! The sooner you start working to improve your online visibility, the sooner you will get the desired results from your website.

So what exactly is this “SEO”?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It deals with how your website looks to search engines such as Google and Bing. Your website’s content is indexed by search engine “spiders” depending on keywords, and these are then retrieved by the search engine when someone looks up those keywords in a search. However, since there are thousands upon thousands of webpages targeting the same keywords, search engines need to sort them somehow, displaying the ones they think are most relevant to the search user within the first page of the SERPs (or search engine results pages). Without search engine optimization, your website won’t look “good” to search engines, which is what you actually want if you don’t want to have it buried underneath tens of SERPs.

Aren’t paid advertisements better than SEO?

You might think that those top paid advertisements are an easy way out. The problem is that they cost quite a bit, and only work as long as you pay for them. Stop paying and your website plunges into Google’s obscurity. There are also countless studies that show that people are 16 more likely to click on an organic result (the one that ranks well without paying) than the golden paid advertisements you probably avoid as well. So it is better to rank well on organic search engine results than to pay for better visibility.

Why would you want to have a good rank in SERPs?

Well, visibility is what matters in the cybernetic age. If clients can’t find your website, they won’t purchase your products or services, it’s that simple. With a better rank, you get more visible, and people are more likely to click on the first few search results, few actually getting farther away than the first search engine results page.

Increasing targeted traffic and conversion rates with keywords

SEO is not only about being visible, but about attracting the right crowd. You need to use the keywords that best define your products and services and that are most likely to be used by customers. By targeting the right keywords and ranking high for them, you get more targeted traffic, i.e. people who are actually looking to buy whatever you are selling, and not just strolling by. You need to convert those clicks, otherwise being penniless with 10,000 clicks a month probably won’t help you much.

Benefits summary and why hiring a SEO company matters (a lot)

So, with SEO, you become good-looking for search engines as well as attract the customers that are most likely to convert into sales. SEO is also incredibly cheap compared to conventional marketing methods such as paid advertisements and it’s also global, meaning you can target even people from other parts of the world. Hiring a professional SEO company like 1st Rank – San Diego SEO is the definite way to success and to turning your business into a powerful brand that’s selling big.